Narco News- Penn Envy: Fear of Citizen Journalism Defined Commercial Media’s Hostile Response to the Interview of the Decade

Sean Penn & Kate del Castillo Scooped the Press and Embarrassed the US & Mexican Governments in Interview with Chapo Guzmán
Oscar winner Sean Penn and Mexican film and TV star Kate del Castillo recently played starring roles as citizen journalists and scooped the world’s major media outlets by scoring a sit-down interview with notorious Mexican narco-trafficker: Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera (aka Chapo Guzmán).
As one of the longtime leaders of the powerful Sinaloa drug-trafficking organization, Guzmán has been on the run from law enforcers for years — having previously twice escaped from high-security Mexican prisons.
Penn said in a recent interview with CBS News that the story he authored for Rolling Stone magazine earlier this month based on the visit with Guzmán was intended to spur a deeper discussion about drug-war policy. Instead, it drew a round of cackles from major U.S. media machines like the Washington Post, which characterized Penn’s first-person

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