BFP Exclusive Report- A Distillation of DOD Funding Priorities for January 2016

DOD spent $11,696,571,000+ on 147 individual contracts in January 2016
The Pentagon issues a jumbled list of contracts every business day around 5:00PM local time. Our project distills an entire month of these contracts into an accessible form.
The Department of Defense (DOD) spent at least $11,696,571,000 on 147 individual contracts during January 2016. This amount does not include 15 Foreign Military Sales contracts worth $916,846,600 or 3 contracts involving partial FMS allotment worth $425,423,345.
FOREIGN MILITARY SALES (FMS) – Through FMS, the U.S. government procures and transfers materiel to allied nations and international organizations.
Boeing received $9,316,518 for 2016 F/A-18 A-F program management, logistics, and engineering for Switzerland ($4,187,292; 44.95%); Finland ($1,763,053; 18.92%); Kuwait ($1,127,556; 12.10%); Malaysia ($1,002,289; 10.76%); Australia ($505,984; 5.43%); Canada ($372,788; 4%); and Spain ($357,556; 3.84%).
General Atomics received $43,740,596 for France’s MQ-9 second system. This is a sole-source acquisition.
Lockheed Martin received $14,221,556 to configure Target Sight System (TSS) to Pakistan’s

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