Security Threats to Russia: The Analysis of the 2016 FSB Press Releases (Part 2 – Counter-Terrorism)

This is the second article in the three-article investigative series in which I analyze the 2016 press releases published on the official FSB website.[1] As I already pointed out in the first article, in the period from January until the last week of December, there have been 52 press releases in total.[2] Eight of them dealt with the issue of counterespionage and I discussed them in detail in the first article. Now I will turn my attention to the releases that dealt with counter-terrorist and counter-extremist operations conducted by the FSB in 2016, including those that directly concerned the activities of the Islamic State operatives. All in all, there are 10 press releases of this type, seven of which focus, more or less specifically, on the Islamic State (banned in Russia; in Russian press, the designation is written in quotation marks – the “Islamic State”).
The Islamic State Operatives in Russia

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