Newsbud Exclusive- Rex Tillerson Moves Up Date for China War!

Intentionally or Not Tillerson Has Put Down a Marker
Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, stirred up the South China Sea, along with China, Asia, and the entire globe with this statement: We have to send China a clear signal that the island building stops and second your access to those islands is not allowed.
Oh baby.
It was a bit amusing to see the China hawks from both Republican and Democratic Parties, who have vociferously condemned the Obama administration for its deficiencies of sack in standing up to the PRC in the South China Sea, shrinking back in dismay at this one and deploying their own temporizing arguments.
But the world can relax.  Kinda.
Tillerson’s role in the Trump administration is to reassure, not deliver bowel-loosening terror to America’s enemies.  His overall approach to Asia appears sober and judicious.  Tillerson’s statement looks like a flub, a mis-statement by a person of

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Peter Lee

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