Newsbud Exclusive- The Buzz About the Bipolar Drone Queen Interview with Andreas Graae

Exploring the Cultural Imagination of Drone Warfare- An Interview with Andreas Graae
If you thought articles about intimacy issues would never grace the newsstand of Newsbud, you were partly right. However, domestic relationship problems may not be the focus in this case. The relationship between the drone voyeur and the target below who is being monitored is known as “voyeuristic intimacy,” a term that drone and geography expert Derek Gregory introduced. The nature of targets being watched while they sleep, play with their children, have sex, get married, and play soccer, is ‘an improved focus in modern war’, increasingly significant to military operations – not only knowing your enemy, but knowing what kind of breakfast they are eating in the morning, an intimacy that goes beyond the battlefield and into the ‘global battlespace’.
Homeland is an American political thriller television series about a female Central Intelligence Agency officer with bipolar disorder

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