Obama’s Political Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: Manning as Bait

Obama has sanctified himself at Manning’s expense & insured Chelsea’s destruction
The malady, common among political leaders who commit heartless crimes while craving popular adulation as heroes and misunderstood saints, is ‘Political Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy’ (PMSP).
PMSP best explains the pathologic drive of politicians and policy makers who inflict relentless, systematic mass destruction and then intervene in a most theatrical manner to save a few victims – thus drawing gratitude from the victim and public support for their ‘humanitarian intervention’ – ignorant of their fundamental role in creating the mayhem in the first place.
The actions of the outgoing President Barack Obama in the last three days of his administration present an example of PMSP on the domestic front.
Throughout his eight years as President of the United States, Obama exhibited many symptoms of PMSP – both abroad and in the US. For his cynical crimes, he was awarded the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’

Boiling Frogs
Dr James Petras


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