TPP is Now Even Deader Than Ever Thanks to Trump

Donald Trump issued an executive order withdrawing the United States from the TPP on January 23.  He was predictably roasted by the libosphere, but not because Trump was cruelly dashing the cup of globalized prosperity from the lips of the thirsty American worker.
Matt O’Brien, who styles himself the economic wonk at the Washington Post, admitted the TPP was DOA as effective trade policy.  Instead, he wandered over into the geopolitical patch and flayed Trump for unilateral disarmament in the face of China: Donald Trump has forfeited his first fight with China.
An alternate title might have been, Donald Trump How Dare You Not Drag the TPP’s Corpse to Asia? 
O’Brien fessed up that the economic impact of TPP on the United States would probably be negligible: an estimated .23% bump in annual national income.  The trade commission report he cites also says that real GDP would rise by .15% by 2032

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Peter Lee

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