The Four-War Problem: The Trump Administration Tips Its Hand in Asia

Secretary of Defense James Mattis made an inaugural swing through Asia to reassure allies and inform the world about the intentions of the Trump administration—and offer some clarity to anxious America-watchers in Beijing.  This week China Watch looks at major East Asian flashpoints—the South China Sea, East China Sea, North Korea–and the big cloud on the horizon: the coming confrontation with Iran.
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Show Notes
Steve Bannon ‘we’re going to war in the South China Sea…no doubt
Mattis says no need for dramatic U.S. military moves in the South China Sea
Rex Tillerson Moves Up Date for China War!
Ex-US envoy plotting Duterte fall – source
US would side with Japan in clash over Diaoyus, says Pentagon chief
The Dance of the Five Powers on the Korean Peninsula
Clinton’s plan on North Korea: Tougher sanctions, pressure on China
Hand delivered letter to President-elect Trump, the need to revise

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