India Blinks! Soros in Asia; and Pattycake with Miles Kwok

The Bhutan situation may not be developing to India’s advantage; Marawi, meet Mosul; George Soros and his European multilateral intervention model explore opportunities in Asia; and Miles Kwok plays pattycake with the New York Times as they parallel construct the Wang Qishan corruption story.
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Show Notes
Both India, China should pull back troops for talks: Sushma Swaraj in Parliament
Pentagon urges India, China to reduce tensions through direct dialogue
Chinese army carries out military exercise on Tibet plateau
Bhutan can solve its border problem with China—if India lets it
Why is the India-China border stand-off escalating?
Marawi extremists have upgraded weapons, logistics, tactics
Marawi, the “East Asia Waliyah”, and Indonesia
Behind a Chinese Powerhouse, a Web of

Boiling Frogs
Peter Lee

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