The Real-Life House of Cards: Insider Deals, Murder & Espionage- The Clintons, Seth Rich & Awans!’

Follow the saga of the Clintons in this unique time line, starting with the race for the White House with all of the major scandals leading up to the present day, including Russia Gate, Seth Rich, the Awan Brothers, and much more – only available at
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Show notes
Russian Government Hackers Penetrated DNC, Stole Opposition Research on Trump
Cyber Firm Behind “Russia Hacking” Claims Has Ties To Soros Supported Think Tank
Wikileaks Reveals “Marble”: Proof CIA Disguises Their Hacks As Russian, Chinese, Arabic…
CrowdStrike Wikipedia
CrowdStrike CEO: No Way to Definitively Prove Russia’s Involvement in DNC Hack
Seth Rich Police Chief Hobnobbed With Clinton Campaign and DNC Officials
John Podesta’s Ex-Sister In Law

Boiling Frogs
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