US Rejects China-Russia’s Demand! Massive Military Drill on North Korea Coming!

This week on Newsbud’s China Watch with Peter Lee: If there’s a war on the Korean peninsula don’t forget to thank PACOM and its stubborn refusal to accept dual suspension.  And there’s an interesting explanation for the Doklam Plateau confrontation that’s making the rounds.  It’s one that explains Bhutan’s silence on the issue but doesn’t make India look too great.  And we look at China’s breakthrough in quantum communications, and its breakout action flick, Wolf Warrior 2.
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Show notes
US-South Korean war games provide trigger that could further inflame Pyongyang
PACOM commander: No dice on calling off Korea military drills
Reckless game over the Korean Peninsula runs risk of real war

Boiling Frogs
Peter Lee

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