Generation Debt: The Student Loan & Wider College Rackets

Questions for students and their parents:  If college cost $750,000, would you still attend, taking out student loans to meet that amount?  How about $500,000?  No?  How about the $50,000 to $250,000 it currently costs, then?  In other words, what is the true price tag for ‘ensuring success’ in society, and why has it been rising so aggressively over the past 50 years?  In turn, what are the actual – versus perceived – dividends of such an “investment”?  In this episode of Money and Fear, we’ll look at the impending Student Debt Crisis and dissipating perceptions of college as an inimitable personal and economic resource.  The size and pace of student loan growth mirrors that of the subprime mortgage fiasco of the prior decade.  We’ll look at how and why while also bluntly asking if college is ‘relevant’ anymore.  We’ll review figures, causes and effects behind this seemingly unfixable economic

Boiling Frogs
Pye Ian

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