Newsbud Exclusive- Venezuela Prepares for US Invasion.

In response to President Donald Trump’s threats to intervene militarily in Venezuela, the oil-rich country’s leader, Nicolás Maduro, has told his military to prepare for an attack by the United States.
“We have been shamelessly threatened by the most criminal empire that ever existed and we have the obligation to prepare ourselves to guarantee peace,” Maduro said on September 27 during military exercises in the city of Maracay. He added that “we need to have rifles, missiles and well-oiled tanks at the ready… to defend every inch of the territory if needs be.”
Maduro made the remark after Trump signed a travel ban decree imposed on eight countries he insists pose a security threat to the United States. In August, the president banned US financial institutions from doing business with Venezuela and its Petróleos de Venezuela, the state-owned oil and natural gas company. Oil reserves in Venezuela are the largest in the

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