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A View from the Trenches – from my Perspective by Todd Macfarlane

This past week has been one of the hardest, saddest weeks of my life.
As many know, I am an attorney, and I represent the family of LaVoy Finicum. On Tuesday, LaVoy was ambushed and killed by the FBI and Oregon State Police in a roadblock as he was attempting to travel to an adjoining county.  It was characterized as a routine traffic stop that resulted in a “shoot-out”.  What even the video doesn’t show is all the other agents and vehicles involved – hiding either in the trees, or just around yet another bend.  And “shoot-out” implies an exchange of gunfire.  The thing I am going to be most interested in is an overlay of credible audio over the video.
Oregon Governor Kate Brown just couldn’t wait any longer. So after less than a week of actual attempted negotiations, in a very low-stakes game, the agencies involved were out for blood. 

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