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Processing Distortion with Peter B. Collins- APA Report: Collusion with Pentagon on Torture

Peter B. Collins Presents Dr. Jeff Kaye
The American Psychological Association released a 500-page report that concludes that APA officials colluded with the Pentagon to soften ethical standards in order to permit involvement of psychologists in the torture of detained suspects. Dr. Jeff Kaye says the report does include important disclosures and conclusions, but notes that it plays down the CIA’s use of psychologists in interrogations, perhaps because the report’s author, David Hoffman, worked with former CIA Director George Tenet when they were Senate staffers in the 1990’s. Kaye suggests that a “limited hangout” report can be used to distract from the real culprits.
*Dr. Jeff Kaye is a practicing psychologist in San Francisco, and a part-time journalist who publishes at . You can find the report on psychologist Morgan Banks that we mention here
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