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Newsbud Report with Peter B. Collins: Episode 4

From the Orlando Shooting to “Dissent Memo” on the Syrian War
In the latest Newsbud Report, we look at how the Orlando shootings are driving media and politics; we talk with abandoned CIA officer Sabrina de Sousa about her impending extradition to Italy; State Department veteran Peter van Buren comments on the “dissent memo” urging escalation of the Syrian war.Thanks for watching this Newsbud Report. If you have a news tip or story you think we should cover, email
Show Notes
FBI Relented, Released Unredacted Transcript
Did FBI Attempt to Entrap Mateen Lead to “Radicalization”?
Orlando Shootings Exploited for Election Year Politics
Speaker Calls Adjournment to End Protest
Senate Narrowly Rejects Bill to Expand FBI Spying Powers
FBI Collects 411 Million Citizen Photos
FBI Seeks “General Warrants” to Hack Computers
51 State Dept. Officers Sign Memo Demanding Escalation of Syria War Against Assad Government
State Department Dissent Memo is Remarkable
Supreme Court Deadlock on Obama Immigration Orders
Supreme Court Weakens Protections

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