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The Not So Hidden Hand: Government & Wall Street Manipulation of Stock Markets

Critical Questions for students of Economics and Finance, as well as for retail investors worldwide:  If you were shown how an academic discipline, or an investment marketplace, were rigged, or at the least, not fully what they’re officially sold as being, would you still invest your time, effort and/or hard earned cash?  Or would you want the truth, and to then plan accordingly around it?  Is ‘fitting in’ that important to you to where you’d potentially turn a blind eye to scientific and political realities involving financial corruption?  How long until you lose your shirt on said prescribed gamble?  In this episode of Money and Fear, we’ll review evidence of government and big banking’s manipulation of stock and other markets, and why they’re manipulated.  Short and long term goals for such interventions are considered, and how much more opaque it’ll all become in the future will be covered.  Hard numbers

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Pye Ian